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Talent is the most precious resources of enterprise

We are looking forward to your joining, with the expanded recruitment business talent as follows:

(1)Overseas sales engineer

Working place: shenzhen
Hiring: three
Job requirements:
1. English proficiency, will be able to use English to communicate with overseas customers and free communication
2. Bachelor degree or above, 1-3 years sales working experience in optical communication industry
3, work conscientiously, steadfast diligent, have strong sense of responsibility
4, outgoing personality, good communication skills and professional knowledge of optics

(2)Production line operator

Working place: shenzhen
Hiring: five
Job requirements:
1.Bachelor’s degree or above in optics, physics, electronics
2.3+ years experience working in fiber product marketing/management or technical support roles
3.Strong interpersonal skills and experience working in cross-functional teams