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OF PM Faraday Rotation Mirror

Date: 2014-12-05 Source: Read: 0
The PM  Fiber Optic Faraday Rotator Mirrors (F-FRM Series) are polarization rotation mirrors designed for fiber optic networks and measurement applications. Upon reflection, the state of polarization (SOP) rotates 90° from that of the input light. A unique property of the F-FRM Series is that at any point along the fiber, the SOPs of the forward and backward optical waves are always orthogonal to each other, regardless of the birefringence of the fiber. When used properly, the Fiber Optic Faraday Rotator Mirror can help eliminate polarization sensitivity in optical fiber systems. Applications include eliminating polarization-induced fluctuations in fiber based interferometers, fiber laser systems, Brillouin amplifier systems, and remote fiber optic antenna systems.

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