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OF Technology 3 w / 5 w / 10 w high power fiber optic isolator, comprehensive power EYDFA mass production

Date: 2015-07-17 Source: Read: 0

      TV signal transmission way including the ground launch, microwave, satellite, and optical fiber transmission. Among them, the optical fiber because of its low loss, large bandwidth, become the ideal medium of television signal transmission. In addition, the application of 1550 nm light modulation technology and optical fiber communication technology matures, the 1550 - nm optical fiber transmission has become the mainstream in the current television signal transmission way. In a 1550 - nm optical fiber TV transmission system, erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) because of its compensation the attenuation of optical fiber line, no doubt greatly improves the system performance, reduce the system cost, is the key factor for optical fiber TV booming


Along with the advancement of FTTH, fiber node number increasing, the optical signal shunt loss is becoming more and more big, so the power budget of system, increasing the output power of EDFA is increasing. But, due to the single mode of EDFA pump mechanism limits the optical power level of the injection pump, the traditional EDFA is difficult to achieve high power output or unit power cost is very expensive. It is understood that at present the biggest commercial EDFA saturation output is about 500 mw, it is hard to meet the requirements of the application of optical fiber CATV system. In order to obtain high power output, erbium ytterbium codoping double cladding fiber amplifier (EYDFA) is more and more attention. EYDFA adopted multi-mode pump and erbium ytterbium doped double clad fiber laser (EYDF), breakthrough the traditional EDFA power limitation. Available at present, the telecommunication level of multimode pumping laser power up to 8 w (915-975 nm, corresponding industrial-grade pumped laser is higher), and EYDF double cladding structure and fiber core erbium ytterbium codoping technology is well solved the multi-mode pump absorption and single-mode 1550 nm signal amplification, in addition, the use or fiber optic connections, which can realize multiple pumped laser pump single root EYDF at the same time.


    EYDFA as a new type of high power fiber amplifier, will go a long way in FTTH, not only can be used to power amplifier, Repeaters, preamplifier, also realized in CATV have important applications in optical fiber to the home, at the same time can also be used to access network to improve data transmission rate and transmission distance, so the EYDFA research has important practical significance, it will become the most widely used in FTTH optical amplifier,


   About EYDFA, there are three kinds of pump way: the forward pump, to pump, double pump. Each pump mode have different characteristics, as shown in the figure below:

As shown in the above, no matter what kind of pump, high power optical fiber  isolator are essential in the pump, OF  3 w / 5 w /10 w high power fiber isolator, have high stability, reliability and high isolation, the user can choose according to required for a variety of self, the 3 w and 5 w single stage and dual 1550 nm fiber isolator, using very tight little encapsulation, size 5.5 X55mm diameter, 3 w and 5 w single-stage isolated degrees above 32 dB, low insertion loss is less than 0.3 dB, 3 w and 5 w two-stage 1550 nm fiber optic isolator isolation more than 49 dB, insertion loss less than 0.39 dB, for the 10 w 1550 isolator, using our unique packaging materials, good heat dissipation, single-stage isolated degrees more than 30 dB, the insertion loss is lower than 0.3, the two-stage isolation more than 49 dB, insertion loss less than 0.5 dB. After a long time of high and low temperature cycle test and skilled craft workers, OF technology of high power isolator, comprehensive power market and the production of high power amplifier, promote vigorously popularize FTTH optical communication.

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