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Huawei, Nokia show off carrier aggregation projects at MWC

Date: 2015-07-16 Source: Read: 0
Mobile Word Congress Shanghai is going on this week, and carrier aggregation tech will be taking centre stage, with Huawei and Nokia both showing off new LTE-A solutions.
Huawei, 3 Hong Kong and Qualcomm have apparently successfully demonstrated the ‘first’ FDD/TDD-based LTE-A commercial network in Hong Kong, by utilising spectrally-efficient carrier aggregation technology. Inevitably, IoT cropped up as an ideal use-case for more pervasive cellular coverage and bandwidth, with Huawei claiming an integrated FDD-TDD network will support innovative applications of IoT going forward.
3 Hong Kong utilised Huawei’s One LTE solution, which aggregated an FDD carrier, in either the 1800MHz or 2600MHz bands, with TDD 2300MHz to achieve LTE-A speeds utilising two component carriers. Last month Vodafone and Ericsson launched the first commercial implementation of FDD/TDD carrier aggregation in Portugal.

Additionally, Huawei suggested it’s looking to work with 3 Hong Kong to deploy a third component carrier aggregation LTE-A network, targeting a commercial launch in the second half of 2016.

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